Chicken Run for iOS the review

Controlling the game is as simple as tapping the jump button that will perform a small jump and holding it down will perform a long one. Holding down the down button while in the air will make the chicken fall faster (which is CRUCIAL to remember… the game frustrated me so badly until I figured this out) and holding it will make the chicken slide on its stomach. The buttons are placed in both bottom corners and you can press anywhere around the button. Nothing wrong here, it’s quite responsive and I died a few times when the controls didn’t respond but it wasn’t often.

Level design is the weakest point in this game. So basically it’s a randomly generated level that consists of pre-made patterns. As you progress harder patterns emerge. At first, it’s fairly easy and not too bad but in later stages, you’ll go to jump over something and you won’t know what’s coming next. Sometimes you’ll press down when you shouldn’t and die, other times you won’t press down when you should and die. Also, you CANNOT nick the edge of a platform; it will most likely result in a death. There is this one part of this pattern where you are supposed to jump through a whole and then press down and slide under. If you jump on the ledge BEFORE the hole and simply just press nothing your chicken will crash into the ledge on the other side, but if you press DOWN which remember, makes your chicken fall faster it will MAKE THE JUMP… what?

If you do manage to beat a level in this game half the times you won’t even know it! Many times I have completed a goal and the game doesn’t finish straight away. It’s programmed so that after the final pattern is gone your chicken runs off the screen ending the game. Complete the final goal MID pattern and await a cheap and nasty death. At first, I repeated a level 3 times, got so angry that it kept “bugging” out that I closed the game. Knowing that I had to keep going to finish the review I reopened it only to find that the next level had been unlocked. You can tell if you’ve finished a goal because the numbers on the left of the slash are higher than the ones on the right.

The final point I’ll make on this game is about the bonus levels. Maybe I’m missing something here, like not install play scope (I prompted no to this, somewhere along the way through it created a shortcut to a website on one of my screen (NAUGHTY MoMinis very bad) but you pay 3 gold coins (which you get for finishing a level and as far as I know serve no other purpose, once again maybe it’s for play scope?) to enter a bonus level. Finish that level and it doesn’t even tick off in the menu that it’s complete. Overall it’s a great app but just not for me.