There have been a lot of apps released into the App Store for reading books, and even some that allow you to subscribe to magazines and read them. PremierGuitar has taken a whole new angle and has built an iPhone app that will allow you to read their magazine in electronic format for completely free! Whether you are interested in the latest music gear, some tips on playing guitar or even just some interesting articles about your favorite artists you can’t go wrong with free!

When you open PremierGuitar the first screen you see is the “Issues” screen. There is a menu bar at the bottom of the screen and at the top you’ll see the covers of all the latest issues of PremierGuitar. If you’d like to read some of the articles in an old issue all you have to do is touch and drag the issue covers from right to left to view older magazines. Touching any magazine cover will open up a preview of the content in that issue.PremierGuitar 3 – iPhone App Review

The preview is really a great feature because it allows you to not just see the table of contents, but also to actually view the full text of the articles before you decide whether or not you want to download the entire issue. PremierGuitar 4 – iPhone App ReviewOnce you decide that you do want to download an issue all you have to do is touch the “View” button and it will start downloading immediately!

Once you open up a magazine to view it downloads extremely fast. Even over a slow cell connection, it loads quickly enough that you can start reading almost immediately. On my WiFi at home, I was able to scroll straight to the end of the magazine immediately after opening one up! The content of the magazine is laid out in exactly the same manner as a print publication. This is good aesthetics but occasionally the text is a little bit small. This is remedied of course by the expected iPhone OS PremierGuitar 5 – iPhone App Reviewzoom functionality. It works exactly like Safari allowing you to double click and also pinch to make text the size you want.

I was very impressed with the overall experience of this app. Being free you would expect it to come with at least some limitations or maybe some extra ads but that is just not the case. In face once you have a magazine open you can even touch the screen to make all the menus shrink away leaving you a full screen to work with! If you were looking for a specific article you can quickly get to it by touching the “Cover” button which brings up a small window with all of the articles in your current issue. Touching it will bring up a list of available articles to read.

On top of all the great magazines in this app it also includes an easy to use bookmarking feature and a “News & Views” tab from the main screen. So not only can you read up on the latest news monthly, but you can get regular updates on stuff going on day to day in the world of music! As a guitarist and new technology enthusiast, I have always enjoyed reading magazines like this one. This app takes it to a whole new level by allowing me to not only read it whenever I want on the go but also being able to read it for free! Whether you are an expert or just a casual enthusiast I would encourage you to head to the App Store and check out PremierGuitar today. You simply don’t know what you’re missing if you pass this app up!