Review: Elago Stylus Hexa

There are several styluses out on the market; however, many of them lack quality and are quite pricey. That being said, there are a few that are stellar for the price that you pay. The Elago Stylus Hexa is one of these styluses. The Hexa is a high-quality stylus that is actually pretty cheap ($14.99, Amazon).

What you get:

In the box, you will receive the aluminum stylus body as well as two removable rubber tips. The rubber tip isn’t the most substantial; however, it does suffice and the fact that Elago included that extra rubber tip balances it out, considering that the price point of the stylus is pretty low for such high-quality materials.


The Hexa comes in six colors, which range from black to silver to jean indigo (the one I have). The aluminum makes the stylus look very high-quality and polished. It is designed like a pencil; although it is much more compact than your average pencil, I must say that the attention to detail is quite stellar. The pencil-like shape feels really nice in the hand and allows the stylus to stay put when it is not in use. Elago even added some branding (HB) on the side to add to the effect. The Elago logo appears on the opposite side.

Functionality and Use:

The Hexa does perform very well. The stylus itself should work on any device with a capacitive display, and worked flawlessly on my iDevices. In fact, the stylus did improve accuracy while drawing and gaming among other things. Moreover, with regular use, you will notice that there will be much less fingerprints on your device. Unfortunately, the stylus does not have a clip or magnets so you can attach the stylus to your device when you are not using it, which is something to think about before purchasing this stylus.


Overall, the Elago Stylus Hexa is an awesome yet affordable stylus. Materials and aesthetics are unmatched in this price range, and the Hexa offers the same functionality as many more expensive styluses. However, the stylus does lack a way to attach it to your device when not in use. If you are looking for a stylus that doesn’t necessarily need a clip and will not empty your wallet, definitely check out the Hexa. If this does not suit your needs, be sure to check out Elago’s other styluses.


  • Price
  • High-quality materials
  • Looks very nice
  • Works flawlessly


  • No way to affix the stylus to your device when not in use